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Temple Filler

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Temple Filler

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AREAS: Temple
TYPE: Injectable hyaluronidase
RESULTS: anti-ageing
Your temples lie at the side of your face, just behind your eyes, between the forehead and the ear. They help to define and shape a youthful appearance when they are full. As you age, your temple area loses volume, resulting in a hollowing effect. The more apparent this becomes the more emphasised the skull shape is underneath, resulting in what is sometimes described as a “peanut effect”, a wide forehead, narrow temples, and narrow cheeks. The ends of our eyebrows sometimes also get “lost” in the hollow.

What does the process involve?

Although it might be hard for you to pinpoint exactly what about your face has changed, a skilled practitioner will spot this volume loss and suggest temple fillers – dermal fillers in the temporal region. Temple fillers can fill the hollow areas and replace lost volume. This will help to improve the balance of your overall face shape and provide a more youthful appearance. Most cannot believe just how much of a difference a temple filler can make!

We use dermal fillers that help to keep our skin plump and hydrated.The dermal fillers used also contain a local anaesthetic which helps to numb the injection site so that you experience minimal discomfort.

Temple Filler

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Hyaluronic acid based dermal fillers, designed to compensate volume lost during the ageing process.
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