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Lip Enhancement Fillers

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Lip Fillers

Taking Skincare & Beauty To A Whole New Level

TYPE: Injectable fillers
RESULTS: Fuller volume lips, reduced fine lines around the mouth

Used to enhance various areas of the lip and mouth, our Lip Enhancement treatment uses Dermal Fillers to create a fuller & happier look, on top of resulting in more definition and volume.

How does Lip Fillers works?

Which part of the lip can be enhanced?

Using Dermal Fillers, Lip enhancements can be performed at many different areas of the lips:

  • Vermilion border or lip outline for creating definition, width and improving lipstick bleeding lines.
  • Lip augmentation targeting the body of the upper and lower lip for volume, pout & fullness.

We can also produce the following effect…

  • Oral commissures or lines going down from the sides of the mouth for a fresher, younger and happier look.
  • Marionette Lines (sad lines from corner of lips downward), also known as puppet lines can be reduced.
  • Philtrum ridges that go from the upper lip towards the nose can be made more defined.
  • Perioral lines or fine vertical lines often due to smoking can be reduced.

Lip Enhancement Fillers

Price List

The Lip Enhancement treatment uses dermal fillers to enhance various areas of the lip and mouth area. Reducing marionette & perioral lines will result in a fresh & happier look.
1ml Revolax
0.7ml Teosyal RHA kiss
1ml Teosyal RHA 2
1ml Teosyal RHA 3
1.2ml Teosyal RHA 4
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