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Facial Dermal Fillers for Sculpting

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Facial Dermal Fillers for Sculpting

Taking Skincare & Beauty To A Whole New Level

AREAS: Mid & lower face
TYPE: Injectable fillers
RESULTS: Instant volume, sculpted appearance & jawline, reduced receding chin
Using more dense, longer semi-permanent lasting fillers give instant volume over the cheekbones, mid-face and lower face.
  • Create cheekbones
  • Reduce an receding chin
  • Restore volume
  • Create a stronger jaw line

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Either a high cheek bone look that is more sculpted can be created or a softer, less prominent mid-face lift can be created *. Cheekbone sculpting is effective in a younger person below fifty years. For some people, a heavy jaw line can be balanced out with these techniques *.

This can be performed in the clinic as a “one stage procedure” or volume can be built up over time.

A receding chin?
Some men and women may find the profile of the chin can be improved by bringing the chin forward using dermal filler.

A stronger, more defined jawline?
A jawline losing its definition with a loss of volume and elasticity can be improved with semi-permanent fillers. Some younger people may want a “wider, stronger” jaw line. Careful consideration is needed first, as squaring of the face in women may not be desirable but if the mandible is small it may make a visual change for the better.

facial derma fillers
Facial Sculpting

Facial Dermal Fillers for Sculpting


Facial sculpting is designed to give instant volume, sculpt or give a softer look, and can be done as one treatment or built up over time.


2ml Revolax
3ml Revolax
4ml Revolax
5ml Revolax
6ml Revolax
7ml Revolax
8ml Revolax


2ml Teosyal
3ml Teosyal
4ml Teosyal
5ml Teosyal
6ml Teosyal
7ml Teosyal
8ml Teosyal
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