Lip Enhancement Fillers

Which part of lip can be enhanced?
Using Dermal Fillers, Lip enhancements can be performed at many different areas of the lips:
-Vermilion border or lip outline for creating definition, width and improve lipstick bleeding lines.
-Lip augmentation targeting the body of the upper and lower lip for volume, pout & fullness.

We can also produce the following effect...

- Oral commissures or lines going down from the sides of the mouth for a fresher, younger and happy look.
- Marionette Lines (sad lines from corner of lips downward), also known as puppet lines can be reduced.
- Philtrum ridges that go from the upper lip towards the nose can be made more defined.
- Perioral lines or fine vertical lines often due to smoking can be reduced.

2 Juvederm Ultra Smile - £250
2 Juvederm Ultra 3 - £400
1 Juvederm Ultra Smile and 1 Juvederm Ultra 3 - £340
1 Juvederm Ultra Smile and 1 Volbella - £430
Price List
Juvederm Ultra 2 £120
Juvederm Ultra 3 £240
Juvederm Ultra 4 £250
Juvederm Ultra Smile £140
Voluma £325
Volift £325
Volbella £325
Hydrate £140
All prices are per syringe

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